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About ADAP


ADAP is Ayuthaya Digital Archive Project. This one year project is leaded by COL.Dr.Surat Lerlum [1][2] and researchers from Chulachomklao Royal Military, Silapakorn University, Kyoto University, Chemnitz University of Technology, and Thailand Fine Art Department. This research is funded by Office of the Higher Education Commission [3]

Collaborated Research Team

This multidisciplinary research relies on efforts from different disciplines of expertise from around the world.

  1. Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy
  2. Silpakorn University
  3. Kyoto University
  4. Chemnitz University of Technology
  5. Fine Art Department
  6. Thailand Research Fund (TRF) [4]

What's in our archive?

Ayuthaya Related Documents

Ayuthaya Period Documents

Kot Mai Tra Sam Duang

  • กฏหมายตราสามดวง [5]

สมุดภาพไตรภูมิ (ธนบุรี)

Reidai Hoan

With permission from Prof. Shibayama


  • Kingdom of Siam 1690 by Kaempfer
  • Voyage to Siam 1685 by Tachard

Geography Information of Ayutthaya from Ayutthaya period up to present

GIS Data of Ayutthaya

Old Maps/Photos

Google-embedded Maps

3D Visualization

Ayutthaya on Google Earth

Stereo 3D Display Technology Brief

TU-Chemnitz Research

  • Contact: Dr.Stephan, Mirko, Prof.Hardt
  • VR Lab, TU Chemnitz [6]

Related Links

Walk Through in Ayutthaya

Time-line Analysis of Related Data

Related Links


Gallery of Related Photos

  • Ayuthaya Gallery [7]

Activity Log


  • Oct.12 Started 3D display system set up
  • Oct.29 3pm Teleconf with Chemnitz RE: 3D display and trip to NYK
  • Nov.6 Planar 3D monitor shipped from Chemnitz to Thailand
  • Nov.24 Stephan installed 3D software on our machine. Planar 3D monitor finally arrived CRMA, traveled a long way from Chemnitz
  • Nov.25-26 CRMA 2nd Academic Exhibition,
    ADAP Poster 2009


  • Jan 12-15 WUNCA21 at Chantaburi
    Poster for WUNCA21

Plan for 2010 (as of Jan.4)

  1. Make the links that you had listed on ADAP active. Now there are many links that are not active.
  2. Make time line information available. (We will need to discuss about this topic when we will meet this week)
  3. Set up 3D visualization system from Chemnitz data in our web and on display device.
  4. Make picture gallery link to site and information from Fine Art Department. I am requesting Jo to go to take pictures.
  5. Make maintainace plan : writing the system development manual and maintainance procedure. (brife)
  6. Writing the report to submit to UNINET.

Future Research

  • Expand/publish more data in archive
  • Create an interactive 3D Display System

Ayuthaya Selected References

  1. [ว่าด้วยแผนที่กรุงศรีอยุธยา], สารบัญภาพ
  1. กฏหมายตราสามดวง
  2. สมุดภาพไตรภูมิพระร่วง
สำนักพิมพ์ต้นฉบับ, พิมพ์ที่ โรงพิมพ์สามลดา

Related Links

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